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The Ultimate Playground

Anyone who has ever gazed out from atop our peaks over the endless wild, has felt it. The power of the landscape, the towering mountains, the crisp air and glinting snow cast the trivial aside and draw your focus to what's truly important. It's a force of nature: something real. It manifests itself in our #1 rankings, our legendary terrain, our reliably deep snow and our world record-breaking gondola. The endless possibilities of this place have created its own laws of attraction that forge lasting connections and pull people back time and again. We're all drawn here for different reasons. Some are attracted to a mountain town with an undisputed vibe. Others are pulled in by the pedestrian village with ski-in/ski-out lodging.

Many seek the outdoor adventures that range from just-enough to over-the-top. Then there's the world-famous après, five star dining, spas, shopping, or nightlife that are hard for anyone to resist. And at the center of it all, the two largest, #1 ranked, side-by-side ski mountains in North America create a place with limitless possibilities that are truly magnetic. The only question is: What draws you?

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